(eye-doo-mah) (vah-silly-us)
English Meaning:    Red King
Human Birth Place:   Greece 512 BC 
Ares Evolution Date:  2997 AD
                    Record: 100-0-1

Iduma is a 1st generation Acropolis Fighter. He is believed by many to be the 1st New Generation Warrior Ares created. He was originally born of royal blood, but did not choose such royal rights. Instead, he chose to display his natural abilities and carnal hunger for life in the Acropolis Cage, better known as Pankration.

Respect. Strength. Loyalty. Honor; Are the codes Iduma has engrained in the HK Crew. Some choose to live by it, while others lurk in the dark, waiting for the chance to dethrone the Red King.
He has no known equal in the cage. His fight style of choice, is Greco Roman Wrestling and he is fully adapted to Pankration fighting.
English Meaning: To Kill
Human Birth Place: South Scandinavia “Iron Age” actual date unknown.
Ares Evolution Date: 3012 AD                         Record: 42-0-1

Damianos is the most ruthless of all of Ares’ “New Generation of Warriors” and it was not by accident but by circumstance. At a very young age, he witnessed the brutal slaying of his father.

Growing up in South Scandinavia during the Iron Age; battle & war was a frequent and accepted way of life. Damianos’ father was a General in the Scandinavian army, the people viewed him as being more popular than the King. For this reason he was put to Death.

Damianos’ fighting style of choice is Sambo/Freestyle. Because his hate drives him, he could be the most dangerous Warrior in the New Generation Pankration events.
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Name: Atreus (a-Tree-Us)
English Meaning: Fearless
Human Birth Place: Troy
Ares Evolution Date: 3009
Record: 78-3
He is the son of the Trojan Warrior Achilles and the Amazon Queen Penthesilea. Soon after he was born, the Queen had one of her servants take Atreus away, protect him and raise him as her own. She sent word to all in her Queendom that she had burned him alive which was their custom. When Achilles was told by a messenger that the Queen had killed his son; he killed her.
Legend has it that Atreus climbed the great Mount Olympus to challenge Zeus to a battle of Pankration. Zeus admired his courage so much, that he named him Atreus. While in the awesome presence of Zeus; the color of Atreus’ helmet changed to gold.

Atreus is a master of many arts; Western boxing, Wushu, Greco Wrestling, and Judo but his base style is Tae Kwon Do.
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