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Name: Alexis
English Meaning: Defender of Men
Human Birth Place: Athens, Greece, Year 3029 AD
Ares Evolution Date: Unknown
Record: 19-1
Origin: Alexis is the 1st female “New Generation Warrior”. She does not have an Ares Evolution Date. She was born during the New Generation era. It is rumored that she is the daughter of Iduma Visilios and the Greek goddess Athena, but no one is sure, not even Zeus the god of Gods himself.
Alexis is often found at Iduma’s side, training in the same discipline as him, Greco Roman Wrestling. She is also a master of Boxing & Krav maga fighting. She has yet to have a match inside of the Acropolis cage because there are no women to challenge her.

However, she often challenges men outside of the cage, and has only been defeated once. She challenged a Minotaur and it showed no mercy towards her even though she was female. It nearly ripped her in half. That unsanctioned event has led to the pure hatred between “The HK Crew” & the “Minotaur Legion”.
Name:                Basilios Maximus   (bah-silly-us) (max-ah-mus)
English Meaning:      Greatest King
Human Birth Place:     Sparta 501 BC
Ares Evolution Date:  3004 AD
                    Record:  57-8
Basilios Maximus is Iduma Visilios' long trusted friend. He is very loyal and has put his own life in danger for Iduma on numerous occasions. He was born a Spartan and had a natural talent for hand to hand combat. He left Sparta at the young age of 15; seeking to fight in Pankration events for the glory & honor of Sparta. The Grecian Pankration is where he met Iduma in battle.

His fighting style of choice is Kick Boxing. Basilios Maximus is a fighter who rarely sees the ground in a fight. His tenaciousness, hand speed, pin point accuracy & lethal high kicks make him a formidable threat to all who enter the cage & stand before him.
Name: Diomedes (die-oh-me-dees)
English Meaning: Cunning as Zeus
Human Birth Place: Corinth, Greece 491 BC
Ares Evolution Date: 3013 AD
Record: 27-3

Diomedes grew up in the Grecian city of Corinth. He was very poor. At an early age, he ran away from home and began living a life of crime in order to survive. He is not of royal blood, his family didn’t serve their country in the military, and he wasn’t a respectable or liked person.

Ultimately, the life he lived finally caught up to him, leaving him running from the law. Eventually he settled in Bangkok, Thailand. With no money or shelter, he decided to fight for money. Muay Thai Kick Boxing was a life saver financially, physically and emotionally for him. It taught him to be disciplined and to show respect for others.

Ares chose Diomedes for Pankration because he was impressed by his youth, raw talent, ability to learn quickly, and the similarities he shows to a young Damianos.
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